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Back to School Forms
The Back to School Information Packets will be on the Classroom Web Pages in August.

New Student – Start Packages
Parents of new students must complete all forms below:


Elementary/Middle School

Tuition Auto Payment 
Parents must complete a Tuition Auto Debit Auth Form 2016-2017 for each school year so that we have the correct banking information and debit amounts that pertain to the current school year.

Childcare Auto Payment
For childcare, there is an additional form. For toddler and primary click here. For Elementary and Middle School, click here. Both of these forms are also available in the Admissions Office. Once completed, these forms should be returned (with a voided check to verify banking information) to the Admissions Office.

Change of Contact Information
To notify the school of a change in your address, phone number or email, please fill out the Change of Contact Information Form and drop it off in the Admissions Office. Blank forms are also available in the Admissions office.

Authorization and Record of Medication
If your child requires medication while in our care we will need a parent or guardian to complete an Authorization and Record of Medication. Forms for Infant, Toddler and Primary students should be turned into the Admissions Office and forms for Elementary and Middle School children should be given to Gretchen Mancieri, our Elementary and Middle School Director.

Driver’s Policy
For Elementary and Middle School parents wishing to drive on a fieldtrip, we must have a completed Driver Policy Form on file. Please return your form with copies of your driver’s license and insurance card to Gretchen Mancieri.  In order to provide maximum safety for our children, we also ask that you provide us with a copy of your driving record from DMV.  Please click here for instructions on how to obtain this.

Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment
The school requires parental consent for each child to obtain necessary care in the event of an emergency. The Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment form has two sections, one of which we keep in the student’s file and the other stays with the classroom teachers and is brought on field trips.

Sunscreen Permission Form
It is our hope that children will come to school with sunscreen on during the hot months. Our full day toddler and full day primary children may need sunscreen reapplied during the day. We ask those parents to fill out the Sunscreen Permission form and return it to their child’s teachers so that they have permission to do so.

Photo Opt Out Form
Complete the Photo Opt Out Form ONLY if you DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION for your student to appear in school publicity images or videos, including postings on our school website and parent newsletter.


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