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Music Program

The music program is an exciting and fun curriculum based on the Orff-Schulwerk process of teaching and learning. Orff-Schulwerk is a general, group-oriented musicality where the individual can explore, create, compose and enjoy all elements of music. Through singing, movement, speaking, body sound rhythms, playing simple melody instruments and percussion instruments with music scores and improvisation, children learn the love and joys of music. Music programs will be provided for all the children at the VMS. In addition to the regularly scheduled classes, group choral and various solo instrumental classes will be offered throughout the year.

Toddlers move into their Primary years exploring rhythm, practicing their listening skills, making melodies with voice, learning the sounds of instruments and of different types of music, with an emphasis on unfolding the natural musical abilities within each child. Elementary and Middle School students study the elements of music, including melody, beat, rhythm, meter, vocals, instrumental expression, tempo, and articulation. They experience music in a cultural context.



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