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“I’m so excited to witness what I believe is one of the major reasons Lewis is the sweet/smart little boy that everyone sees.  We just had a friend’s 2 year old spend the day with us and Lewis was beyond anything that I expected to see.  He would hand things to her and say “thank you” (as in trying to teach her to say thank you).

He showed her how to play with his toys, told her to sit when she had to eat and even pushed her chair in when she was done.  It brought tears to my eyes and I know most of that behavior is due to the skills he is learning at VMS.  Crazy to see how much he has learned in such a short amount of time!  Thank you for choosing to spend your time with children and teaching them skills that they will carry forward in life. Thanks again!!”

Tania, 2015 Parent


Valley Montessori preschool is excellent. The teachers are loving and are very focused on the needs and growth of the students, and students are well cared for emotionally and physically.  They are taught at their individual levels. I love the total environment and trust the teachers and school personnel to do what is best for my child.”

-Anonymous Parent, 2013

This school is amazing. In addition to small class sizes and lots of individualized attention, the curriculum is individualized as well.  My son enjoys the other kids–bullying is no longer a problem and he never complains about having to go to school. His standardized tests scores indicate that he is above grade level in most subject areas and it is due to his education here because that was not the case elsewhere. You will not find more caring teachers.”

-Anonymous Parent, 2013

Valley Montessori School is a wonderful place for our children.  This is the fourteenth year our family has been at the school and we are so happy with almost everything. From the philosophy of the teaching method to the awareness that it is imperative to teach the whole child when educating, not only the 3 R’s. VMS has always believed what we’ve recently heard on recent TED talks about educating. In a perfect world, teachers don’t educate, especially in the younger grades. It is the child’s curiosity that propels them into greatness. The teachers are there to provide learning opportunities and guide the children. At younger ages, this is so applicable. As the children move up to older grades, there is a gradual change to a more traditional approach. This is appropriate since our children will all go on to high school and college and will need to be able to compete with everyone else. In my opinion, The children at VMS learn to think out of the box, rather than just follow. Their love for learning is nurtured at every step. You won’t find any of these kids complaining about school. They all love it! We have been so happy at our school.”

-Anonymous Parent, 2013

I continue to be thankful for Valley Montessori School. My son is thriving in Middle School, motivated to learn and excited to go to school every day. He couldn’t wait to get back to school this year! Apart from the fact that he is intellectually stimulated every day, he is learning life skills that are invaluable (both now and in the future). All of this does not happen by accident.  Rather, the dedicated teachers and administration provide the cornerstone and community that make Valley Montessori School what it is!  My son’s teachers partner with me and we are aligned on values, which provides an excellent foundation for my son’s learning and becoming a citizen of the world.  We all know that the mutual respect for teacher and student is deeply ingrained in the Montessori method of teaching.  Additionally, the methodology works with the student to understand where they are academically and how best each student learns.  These, among others, are the gifts of an education at Valley Montessori School.  Our teachers care about every student and work to motivate and intellectually stimulate all of our children based on their individual needs. So if another private school offered me a fully funded scholarship tomorrow, I wouldn’t take it.  That is how committed I am to VMS and the gifts they have to offer.  I see the impact of those gifts every day in my son and the benefits of his education here at Valley Montessori School.”

– Anonymous Parent, 2012

When we went to the middle school orientation, I wanted to go back to school! The curriculum is outstanding! As part of that orientation, former VMS students were present to share their experience of the school and their transition to high school. Every student talked about how well prepared they were for high school (including the ability to qualify for advanced placement in many subjects). VMS has a very supportive community of parents who are committed to the school along with an outstanding faculty and administration! I highly recommend this school! Valley Montessori School is a special place. I can’t imagine a better place for my children. But don’t trust me or the other reviews. I urge you to find out for yourself by visiting a classroom. You will be blown away.”

– Mary W., 2012

My daughter loves science, so when she heard that it was science day we had to come back to school (she is in Redbud AM) in the afternoon to see the science projects. This is our first year at VMS so I have never seen the science projects or experienced a science day.  I have to tell you how impressed I was.  Not only was I impressed by the projects (wow – I think these kids are smarter than I am!), but I was impressed at how confident the kids are.  From lower elementary to middle school, I didn’t see any student who looked nervous to talk about their work (or maybe they were hiding too well for me to find them).  In fact, I was amazed at how they looked eager to talk about their work. Many of them even tried to catch my eye because they wanted to tell someone all about their project.  You can feel that VMS is a place that fosters confidence and a respect for your work.  Every time we come to an event at VMS we are more and more sure that VMS is a special place and couldn’t be happier that my children are a part of it.  I’m grateful for everyone’s hard work to invest in our kids.”

– Anonymous Parent

“My son started at VMS in 4th grade and is now in middle school.  I wish that I had enrolled him earlier. This is one outstanding school!!!  Dedicated, gifted staff of teachers that inspire learning every day. The school has a strong foundation of mutual respect.  The teachers and the administration demonstrate the values of the school every day with every interaction.  While it is not cheap, I am happy to pay the tuition given the results that I see.  My child is engaged, loves to learn and is intellectually stimulated.  Strong curriculum that develops the whole child – Art, Music, PE round out the curriculum. Regular field trips support and enhance the learning.”

-Anonymous Parent

Valley Montessori School is a special place. I can’t imagine a better place for my children. But don’t trust me or the other reviews. I urge you to find out for yourself by visiting a classroom. You will be blown away. You’ll marvel at the lack of desks in rows, that the teachers on sitting on the floor with the kids, not lecturing from a black board, that the children are all quietly working hard without having to be directed to do so. That’s how we were exposed to it. We first visited, looking for a pre-school for our 3-yr old. We quickly fell in love with it. We have one child in MS who started at age 3, and another in 3rd who started at age 3-months. The program works. The teachers are exemplary. They are highly trained and certified in the Montessori curriculum. With such a low ratio, they know your child intimately. They know his/her strengths and weaknesses and they “follow the child”. (And specialists are available for those with learning challenges).  In addition to the core curriculum, my kids get regular classes of art, PE, music and Spanish…. Just the sort of “extras” that are typically cut from public schools. My kids are happy, caring and imaginative.  They will be well prepared for high school.  Alumni routinely are placed into advanced high school courses.  The test results show that the kids are testing well above grade level. I can’t put a price on inspiring my children’s imagination, engaging their mind, and captivating their heart.  My children are worth it!”

– Bill C., 2012

My daughter has been going to this school since she was a toddler. She is now in lower elementary (1st grade) at Valley Montessori.  She is reading at above 2nd grade level and is doing 2nd grade math. I give all the credit to the school and the teachers.  It is an amazing environment for children.  The cost is completely reasonable -just compare it to the cost of other private schools in the area and you will see.  I have several friends who have been sending their children here for many years (through 8th grade) with absolute success.  I am a former public school teacher and have many concerns with the structure and politics behind public education, which is one of many reasons why we chose to go private as well as Montessori.  Best decision we ever made.”

– Anonymous Parent

We love our school! The school community is supportive, cohesive and caring. All four of my kids love going to school every day. What more could I ask for? The school supports my view that learning is fun and awe inspiring. Curiosity about the world and a hands on approach make this school different from the rest. My kids are not limited to how much they can learn in class. It is up to them how far over their grade level they want to go. If a child is inspired and in a supportive and encouraging environment, he can reach his dreams!”

– Anonymous Parent

This school is outstanding. From the brilliant philosophy developed by Maria Montessori to the wonderful teachers who carry it out beautifully. My daughters have been there 9 years now. They have developed a true love for learning, a great work ethic and are caring, respectful individuals.  They are well adjusted, academically sound, and prepared for whatever life gives them.  I can’t say enjoy positve things about this school. Definitely a 5 star!

– Marie D., 2011

VMS, what a wonderful school! They provide an environment in which our children can learn at their own pace. Besides covering the basics, VMS teachers allow our children to develop a love of learning. Our children work hard during the day so homework is not necessary. Listening to them and asking questions tells us how much they have learned. Also, our children have gained confidence at an early age and are able to make presentations to their classmates. This is a skill that will carry our children through the rest of their lives. And whenever an issue comes up, the support we’ve received is amazing. They are ready with advice and suggestions and are willing to cooperate with us. This nuturing, respectful environment allows our children to gain the independence, the self-direction and the confidence they will need to face the future! Highly recommended!”

– Anonymous Parent

A Montessori environment is such a refreshing option in our world of education. We feel lucky to send our son into a classroom where his curiosity is encouraged, his voice is heard, his personality is respected, and his teachers are passionate about teaching. We are impressed that Valley Montessori School is constantly self-evaluating. Their goal is to best support the students and the families. It really is a place where children are respected, cared for, and guided in seeking the answers to their own questions.”

– Anonymous Parent


I loved coming back to VMS. The environment was extremely welcoming and everyone really goes out of their way to make newcomers (or people coming back like me) feel like part of the school. Even though it was a lot smaller than what i was used to, in a way that was better for me because I got to know each person really well and you get a lot of hands on “training” or help from the teachers in the classroom. I’m really glad I chose to go back there!”

– Alumni, Class of 2007

Montessori was a second home in which I was given every necessary tool to fulfill my personal and communal goals. It was a process of self discovery; a place which triggered my intense passion for learning. I graduated Montessori excited to take on all of the challenges my future has to offer me.”

– Alumni, Class of 2007


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