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Recent VMS Community Events

Gala 2016  ~ Saturday, March 5, 2016

2016-03-05 VMS Gala-120-X2

2016-03-05 VMS Gala-122-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-126-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-131-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-132-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-133-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-136-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-143-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-146-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-150-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-151-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-152-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-158-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-159-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-162-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-166-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-176-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-179-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-184-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-186-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-187-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-188-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-191-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-195-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-197-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-198-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-199-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-200-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-207-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-254-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-258-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-273-2-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-277-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-278-X2
2016-03-05 VMS Gala-284-X2

2016-03-05 VMS Gala-297-X2



Annual Turkey Bowl ~ Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Middle school students and spectators battled the elements at the Annual VMS Turkey Bowl, a long-standing VMS tradition!








UN / World Culture Day ~ October 23, 2015
Students and families gathered in the park to sing songs that celebrate community and honor diversity. Then, each class had a delicious potluck with food from around the globe!





2015_10_23_UN Day Historical Halloween_0208


2015_10_23_UN Day Historical Halloween_0487





Harvest Festival ~ October 2, 2015
Pumpkins, krafts, games and food trucks make this a favorite VMS Community Event!




Slushy kids

face painting butterfly


boy picking up pumpkin 2


tug o war 2



Spirit Day ~ Thursday, September 10, 2015
Students and staff wear green to show their school spirit!



Morales Barlow




The Lion King ~  Thursday, July 9, 2015
VMS Summer Campers worked hard this summer on their musical production. The sets, props and costume designs were spectacular and the actors wowed us with their musical and stage performances!

2015-07-09 VMS Lion King-43-Ti




Alumni BBQ ~ Friday, June 26, 2015
What a turnout for our Annual Alumni Event! It was a great time to catch up and reminisce about their years at VMS. Thanks to all who attended. See you next year!

alumni (2)


Middle School History Fair ~ May 28, 2015
VMS Middle School Students hosted a History Fair today. They created a walking map of Washington, DC highlighting the many historical sites they visited on their recent week-long trip to DC and the surrounding area. What an impressive display by all!






Usborne Book Fair ~ May 7 – 8, 2015
This year’s Book Fair had something for everyone from toddler to teen!











































Art Show ~ May 7 – 8, 2015
VMS students displayed their artistic creations at the annual Art Show. The work was truly extraordinary!





























































Grandparent Days ~ May 7 – 8, 2015
Grandparents and grandfriends enjoyed time with the children in their classroom, at the Art Show and at the Book Fair!




Community Service
In the wake of the Nepal Earthquake, the middle school students jumped into action organizing a bake sale to raise funds for the relief effort. They raised an impressive $3,116!
earthquake reliefatVMS
Live Auction and Gala – March 21, 2015
gala logo

  Oh, what a night! Thanks to all of you who attended our Spring Auction and Gala!

2015-03-21 VMS Gala-232
2015-03-21 VMS Gala-281
2015-03-21 VMS Gala-287
2015-03-21 VMS Gala-388
2015-03-21 VMS Gala-375
2015-03-21 VMS Gala-348

Middle School Students Attend We Day Conference –  February 25

Thirteen of our Middle School Community Service Students were invited to attend the We Day Conference at SAP Center in San Jose. Launched by Free the Children, a worldwide organization empowering young people to be the agents of change, the goal of We Day is to empower a generation to shift the world from “me” to “we” – through how we act, the choices we make on what to buy and what to wear, the media we consume and the experiences with which we choose to engage.

Bay Area schools were invited to this event based on their level of commitment to community service and global change. Our middle school students were chosen to participate because of their consistent support of local and global charities such as the Alameda County Food Bank, Shepard’s Gate, Tri-Valley Haven, Tri-Valley Animal Shelter and the Heifer Project.

This year, our students added additional community service projects like the selling of handmade rafiki chains here at school to support Kenyan mothers who are creating lasting change in their communities. The rafikis, made by women in Kenya, are colorful pieces of jewelry that show the world the power of their skills and traditions. Every rafiki sold by our students helped struggling Kenyan mothers feed and educate their families.

We are happy to be part of this global movement inspiring young people to take action in their own communities and around the world. Our Middle School students were touched by the speakers at this conference and are busy creating presentations to share what they’ve learned with their peers as well as the other elementary classrooms. For more information about We Day click here.


Astronomy Night – March 1, 2015
This was a an amazing evening under the stars. Astronomer and VMS parent, Todd Rigg Carriero brought his telescopes and gave us a tour of the night sky!

Astronomy Night


An Evening with Dr. Steve Hughes – February 26, 2015
Dr. Hughes shared with us his research on brain development and how a Montessori education so beautifully supports it. For a link to this presentation, please click here.

Steve Hughes Photo Thank You


Little Red Riding Hood – December 2014

We recently enjoyed charming performances of The Little Red Riding Hood performed by our Lower Elementary students.

Little Red


The Journey & Discovery Workshop – November 8, 2014
This event is an opportunity for parents to experience the Montessori classrooms first hand as their children do every day.  We highly recommend that all VMS parents attend this invaluable workshop at least once.
Journey collage 2014

Middle School Community Service Project – Fall 2014
Our Middle School Students are actively working on their community and world service projects.  They have been busy making 100 Pillow Case Dresses to send to children in need in Africa.  They are  also selling rafiki bracelets as part of WeAct, an educational program that empowers young people to become active local, national and global citizens.  Each rafiki is made by a women in Kenya.  WeAct makes sure each women is earning a fair wage for her work and empowers her to earn a living, send her children to school and show the world the beauty of her skills and traditions.  The money they raise from the sale of the rafiki bracelets will be sent back to Africa to the free The Children’s Adopt a Village program.

Pillow Case Dresses

UN / World Culture Day – October 24, 2014
On this special day we celebrated our cultural diversities, peace and friendship with a musical celebration and potlucks featuring foods from around the world.


Upper Elementary Historical Halloween – October 24, 2014
Our Upper Elementary students all participated in Historical Halloween.  Each student chose a historical figure to research and “become” on revealing day.  They prepared clues and created costumes that represented the person they became.  The classroom was transformed into a museum, with the students waiting as still as statues to be tapped on the shoulder and awoken to give their clues.   The Lower Elementary students also came and try to guess who’s who in the museum.  It was a fun day for all!
Historical Halloween

VMS Harvest Festival – October 11, 2014
We had a great turnout at our Fall Harvest Festival!   The petting zoo and crafts were a hit, as well as the scarecrow garden & pumpkin patch.  Thanks to everyone who joined us and also helped to support local charities in need.  It was a wonderful community event!
Harvest Festival FINAL

TEDx Livermore 2014 – September 20, 2014
Valley Montessori School was proud to play a leadership role in bringing TEDx to the Tri-Valley.   TEDxLivermore 2014 was held at Las Positas College and also Livestreamed to VMS, Foothill High School in Pleasanton, and Livermore High School. The speakers were selected for their ability to contribute to the theme: Uncork Your Creativity!

All of the forecasters who gaze into the future – emphasize the critical role of creativity in their lists of skills that will be critical for our children. The day was spent exploring creativity from the perspective of 15 different speakers and a number of performers.  All of them inspired out of the box thinking, warmed our hearts, brought us to our feet, and caused us to dance, cheer, laugh and applaud!

TED x Flyer

VMS Spirit Day & School Picnic – September 4 & 5
What an amazing community we have!  Thank you to our families for showing your school spirit and joining us for our school picnic.

spirit day & school picnic

Jungle Book – Performed by the VMS Musical Camp– July 10, 2o14
Congratulations to our summer musical camp for puting on an amazing show!


8th Grade Graduation – June 11, 2014
We couldn’t be more proud of our graduates!  Congratulations to the Class of 2014!Image

Year End Celebrations – June 2014
We end our school year with a variety of community celebrations & events at all levels.  Our toddlers took a field trip to the Oakland Zoo and shared a family potluck together. Our primary classes celebrated with luaus, sing-alongs and performances including Three Piggy Opera and The Little Pink Hen.  Our elementary students took a variety of field trips including an overnight trip to Gold Country. There have been classroom sleepovers, a movie night, swim parties and the annual field day in the back park.  And our middle school wrapped up the year with their annual kayaking/BBQ trip to Lake Del Valle where they honored the graduating students in a special sunset ceremony.

Upper Elementary Host “Hilltop Italian Restaurant” – May 30, 2014
Students in our two Upper Elementary classrooms created, planned and orchestrated an amazing restaurant night serving a four course dinner to their parents and families.  They planned for the various dishes they would serve, used recipes, bought the food and figured out the logistics for cooking the food and serving over 200 people in two separate seatings. Special touches included everyone dressing up as wait staff, having hosts at the door to seat parties as they arrived, printed menus & centerpieces on the table, and in between seatings an Irish Harp player in the foyer. This event raised close to $3,000 which will be given to the East Bay Regional Parks Foundation and the San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society – causes the children selected.

Middle School “Talent Show-The Musical” – May 28, 2014
Our middle school students recently held their big spring production which they titled: “Talent Show-The Musical.”  In the early planning phases a large group of our students rejected the musical that the staff had chosen for them.  (When we empower young people – as we do here at VMS – we might expect that they will voice their opinions and exercise power when they feel necessary!)  Many discussions followed about what alternatives they could pursue. In the end, they developed their own script for a show that told the story of their process and incorporated many of the ideas that they came up with as alternatives.  Their one-of-a-kind, hilariously entertaining production included selections from Shakespeare and Monty Python, dance, and music from Broadway shows like “Les Miserables” and old standards like Bye Bye Blackbird.

Grandparents Day / Art Show / Book Fair – May 7 – 9, 2014

It’s always such a pleasure to have our school filled with the joy that grandparents bring! We are so glad that so many of our grandparents and “grandfriends” could be here. We genuinely enjoyed the opportunity to visit with our grandparents at the evening reception, and the Art Show was amazing! We showcased a piece from each one of our elementary and middle school students and it was truly a magnificent display. And many thanks to those supported our Book Fair.

Grandparents Collage

Garden Workday – April 12, 2014
Many thanks for all of the helping hands in the Edible Schoolyard. Our garden is primed and ready to grow!

Baby & Me Classes – Fridays in April 2014
So much happens in the first year of a child’s life. Evidence shows how parenting and the home environment contribute to a child’s development. Vicki Sartori, Valley Montessori School’s Toddler Program Director discussed topics including nutrition, home environment, movement, independence, language acquisition and respectful parenting techniques.baby-me-for-web-248x124

Middle School Students Attend We Day Conference –
March 26, 2014
Many of our Middle School students were fortunate to be able to attend the We Day Conference at Oracle Arena. Schools were chosen to participate based on their level of commitment to community service and global change.  We Day is an educational event and the movement of our time-a movement of young people leading local and global change. The goal is to empower a generation to shift the world from ‘me’ to ‘we’ – through how we act, how we give, the choices we make on what to buy and what to wear, the media we consume and the experiences with which we choose to engage.  Click here to learn more about this empowering event.
WE DAY photo 1

horizontal 1

Spring Gala & Auction – March 15, 2014
What a fantastic party! We are deeply grateful to all who contributed to the success of this amazing event. The enthusiasm and generosity of all who joined us is a clear reflection of the great VMS community and an affirmation of the power of all of us coming together in support of the school!


Science Day – March 7, 2014
Our students did an amazing job with their presentations this year!  Science Day is always a fabulous event showcasing the passion our students have for Science.
Storyteller Brian “Fox” Ellis  Vists VMS  – March 6 & 7, 2014
We enjoyed having Brian “Fox” Ellis, an author and award winning storyteller, come to VMS to engage and entice us through the art of storytelling. Brian embodied the vitality of Walt Whitman offering an intimate view of Lincoln, along with the triumphs and the tragedies of the Civil War. Through stories and poetry the audience was immersed in this turning point in America’s history through the eyewitness account of this brilliant poet and journalist.

Parent Seminar: “The Connected Child – Safety Trust and Respect in the Digital Age” – January 29, 2014
Parents learned how to be teach savvy when it comes to social media and their children. Our guest speaker Jason Brand came highly recommended by Common Sense Media, a Bay-Area based, nationally recognized website for parents who seek guidance on books, movies, games, and recommendations on how to guide children in the digital age.

School Information Night – January 22, 2014
This year our Information Night offered a glimpse of the Magic of Montessori through brief presentations of our science curriculum. VMS teachers presented curriculum and offered insights into the Montessori approach to education. Parents had the ability to see their child’s current level and upcoming grade levels, offering a better understanding of the spiral curriculum from toddler through middle school.

Alumni Event – January 10, 2014
It was wonderful seeing so many of our alumni again! Visit our Alumni web page to view photos of our event and/or to join our alumni mailing list.

Open House/Classroom Observations – Thursday, January 9, 2014
Parents listened to a brief presentation about all levels of our program before being escorted through classes in session.

Elementary & Middle School Skating Party – December 20, 2013
Our elementary & middle school students’ families attended our 17th annual skating party at Golden Skate.

VMS Family Holiday Sing-Along – December 19, 2013
We had an all school holiday sing-along on Thursday, December 19 in the Cultural Center. Students and parents brought their voices, guitars and ukuleles to celebrate the holidays with music.

Turkeys Go on Strike – December 10, 2013
Our lower elementary students gave a comical performance of “The Turkeys Go on Strike”.

Gardening Workshop – November 19, 2013


Bishop O’Dowd Students Visit VMS – Spring 2013
We recently had the pleasure of hosting AP Psychology students from Bishop O’Dowd High School. Click here to read what they had to say about our school!

Dyslexia Seminar with Susan Barton – Winter 2013
Susan Barton, an expert in dyslexia, gave a FREE 3 hour talk on dyslexia. This information was most useful to Reading Specialists, Special Ed teachers, Primary and Lower Elementary teachers, and parents who have a child that struggles with reading, writing or spelling. She discussed signs & symptoms of dyslexia, tutoring that works and accommodations needed to help support each child.


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