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What’s Happening in the Edible Schoolyard


Nine years ago, one dream was realized as Valley Montessori School students eagerly moved to a brand new school, a stunning hilltop campus situated on six acres of fertile land. Where else can you capture the panoramic view of the entire Livermore Valley, Mount Diablo, Brushy Peak and Mount Hamilton? We’re so fortunate to be surrounded by this open space, a wonderful resource for a child’s experiential learning.  Now this incredible land is being transformed by VMS children, teachers and parents into an outdoor classroom.

With enormous enthusiasm, VMS has kicked off yet another dream: our first Edible Schoolyard. VMS faculty joined with a group of enthusiastic parents to create a garden that is being planted, cultivated and harvested by our VMS children.  Classrooms are now equipped with worm bins that are busy composting our food scraps and making soil for our garden-beds.  Recently our students helped to build a chicken coop which hosts our very own chickens that were hatched in one of our classrooms.  Fresh eggs are now being harvested daily.  All of these activities help to promote a better understanding of healthy eating and living for our students.


How can you support the Edible Schoolyard project?

  • Join our garden committee and receive updates on projects, volunteer opportunities and participate in meetings.
  • Regularly visit our Edible Schoolyard web page to keep updated on our project.
  • Share resources with the school that support the Edible Schoolyard Project
  • Contribute to the Annual Fund. Your donation can be designated directly to fund our Edible Schoolyard Project.

Please consider participating in this wonderful journey with the children.  Email us if you would like to join the committee or would like further information.


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