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VMS at Glance

Rosalind Hamar: A Profile in Innovation and Inspiration

Roz Hamar

At the end of this summer, Roz Hamar may have arrived at Valley Montessori School to assume her responsibilities as the third Head of School filled with the same trepidation evident on the faces of some teachers and administrators, each of whom had lined up to offer an obligatory welcome. But you wouldn’t have known it. She shook hands, re-asked names, smiled warmly and worked her way slowly to the school’s Cultural Center, where she assumed her seat in the front row next to the only person she really knew: her partner, Ed. performance and fine arts enthusiast who collects folk art, abstract and realist paintings by teachers, and who regularly attends the Berkeley Repertory Theater, Marin Theater Company and Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Roz was particularly moved upon her arrival at VMS to attend the Jungle Book, a lush and lively musical production staged by Jack Quigley, the school’s music

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