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Annual Fund Campaign


donateAs with most independent schools, we rely on contributions to our Annual Fund to provide the critical resources needed to cover the true cost of running our school.  Gifts to the Annual Fund enrich each child’s experience on a daily basis by supporting classroom enhancements, technology advancement, the edible schoolyard, tuition assistance, and professional development to continue to inspire our dedicated teachers.


Tuition and fees provide most of our operating revenue, yet 6% of our operational income is needed from fundraising. The more successful we are at building a strong Annual Fund, the more we can strengthen our programs. Ideally, we would not only fill the 6% funding gap, but also grow the allocated dollars that are contributed to all of our initiatives and programs. Your generous donations make a significant difference in enhancing our programs each year.


100% of our Board, teachers and staff participate in our Annual Fund.  We ask that all members of the VMS community follow their lead by making a meaningful gift in support of our programs. Each family’s situation is different; Yet participation is very important. Therefore, gifts range from $10,000 to $10 per month.



Donate Online with a Credit Card:  Our secure site accepts both one-time gifts, and monthly gifts. Utilizing the monthly gift option has allowed many families to increase or even double their gifts!

Submit a Check:  Checks may be mailed or brought in to the school.  We are located at 1273 North Livermore Avenue, Livermore, CA 94551

Call Us:  Contact the Development Office at 455-8021 x212 with a credit card number.

Stock:  Contact the Development Office for instructions for your stockbroker to electronically transfer stock to VMS.  Donations of stock can have significant tax advantages.


Note: Annual Fund gifts are tax-deductible and many employers provide matching funding opportunities that could double your gift. Strong participation in our Annual Fund may encourage external support via foundation grants and corporate sponsors. Contributions are accepted all year. Our fiscal year ends June 30th. Donations received by this date will be recognized in that year’s annual report.


Thank you for your generous support!


For questions about fundraising and development please contact:

Elizabeth Brice, Director of Advancement at 925.455.8021 x212 or development@valleymontessorischool.com.



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