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Message From the Head of School

Hamar Roz

We are surrounded these days with debates about how to fix the nation’s education systems and yet right here at Valley Montessori School in Livermore, we have a program that works beautifully for children and indeed could serve as a model of how to do it right! The recipe is really rather simple.Take an amazingly dedicated and passionate group of teachers who are devoted to helping all children thrive, situate them in beautiful spacious, light-filled classrooms equipped with learning materials that enchant and challenge children. Surround them with a community of parents and staff who are devoted to supporting the work of learning. Mix in care, love, curiosity, creativity, imagination, and serious purpose. Guide the day’s activities and explorations with the wisdom of Maria Montessori. And “voilà” you will find the everyday magic of children who love to be here and are busy cultivating their independence as life-long learners! Even more magically, their curiosity and love of learning continue to thrive all the way through 8th grade and beyond.

If this sounds too good to be true, I invite you to come and visit our school and see the magic for yourself. Watch how happily engaged our students are in their daily work. See how teachers gently guide children to complete work, take on new work and understand lessons on new materials. Seeing is believing! If you need further proof take a look at our test scores for data-based verification that children at Valley Montessori achieve academic success well above the national norms even though we do not “teach to the test” and our children learn in a cooperative rather than a competitive environment. We can see from all of the well-known people who have attended Montessori schools, that children educated in this manner are far more likely to find success in their adult lives. For more information on this, check out the link on our Stats and Facts page.

Meanwhile, if you are already a member of our school community, know that I share your pride in all that your children are achieving!

If you are just visiting our website for the first time, I invite you to explore it in depth so you can see why your child’s experience at VMS will be so exceptional!




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